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Feats and Triumphs

Explore the mosaic of our professional odyssey, adorned with a myriad of projects that have shaped our journey and fueled our creative fervor.

Projects labeled with w/ North2 on this list were made in collaboration or as a part of North2 team.

  • Playloc logo Playloc w/ North2
  • Race Mango logo Race Mango
  • Leon Abramović - Designer logo Leon Abramović - Designer
  • Oryx Assistance logo Oryx Assistance w/ North2
  • ZŠEM logo ZŠEM w/ North2
  • Cluville - Kids Escape Room logo Cluville - Kids Escape Room w/ North2
  • Optika Legros logo Optika Legros w/ North2


Ready to assist

Transform your online presence with our expert web development services. From sleek designs to powerful functionalities, we'll craft a digital product that sets you apart and drives results.

Landing page, portfolio, single page application, complex web application, web solution for your startup or something else? We create and build digital products from scratch or redesigning existing ones involving both the visual aspects and the underlying code. Your new website will be built using latest technologies and best practices making it eruptively fast, highly secured, flawless on any modern device, easy to use, and optimized for search engines.

Content Management System (or simply CMS) is a highly recommended system for every website with dynamic content. It allows you to easily manage your content and keep your website up to date without extensive technical knowledge and without any additional costs. We will provide you with fully tailored-made CMS to fit all your needs.

Providing ongoing support, updates, and troubleshooting for websites and web applications to ensure they remain secure, up-to-date, and functional. We can fix anything from broken layouts to sluggish loading, implement new features, optimize your website, and much more.

Let us handle all the technical stuff. We will take care of hosting and deployment of your digital product and make sure it's up and running 99.99% of time.

We will write valuable content and provide any digital media that will fit your business.


  • KRATOS DIGITAL provides outstanding quality, pixel-perfect and high-scalable web solutions adjusted for all modern devices using the skills forged in 10+ years of experience in real life projects.

  • Delivery timeframe is usually 2-4 weeks for small projects and 6-8 weeks for medium-sized projects once all of the required informations are provided. But it really depends how simple or complex is the design and overall requirements. More accurate delivery timeframe will be provided once all project requrements are presented.

  • KRATOS DIGITAL is a digital agency of one person. You will communicate and work directly with me, Kristijan Škrlin, the founder of KRATOS DIGITAL. More complex projects with faster delivery timeframe or other requests like branding, custom made design, complex animations, content creation, etc. could be provided in cooperation with or by my partners.

  • That will depend mostly on project requirements, but in general the software used for your project could be Laravel, Vue.js (Nuxt.js), Svelte (SvelteKit), React.js (Next.js), TailwindCSS, Inertia.js, GSAP, WordPress, Strapi, Stripe, etc. But you don't need to worry about that, because we will present and use the best software for your project.

  • We can build anything from simple landing pages and portfolio websites to complex high-traffic web applications.

  • That represents no problem for us! You can arrange a call or meet to talk about your request to see if we fit together.

  • Project will be built upon custom made design or template and project documentation. That means you will get what you paid for.

    As an addition, you will have specific number of days to test the project and report if something is not as agreed for no extra charge.

    Also, you will get specific number of hours for future minor improvements.

  • Unfortunately, due the high quality nature of provided service and time investment there will be no refunds. But there is 100% guarantee you will receive the project as agreed.